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Team BlackSheep (TBS)

TBS 100G 63/37 0.8MM Solder Wire

TBS 100G 63/37 0.8MM Solder Wire

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About this product

The TBS 100G 63/37 0.8MM Solder Wire offers "instant-action" wetting behavior. We highly recommend this solder for all of your FPV needs. The high mobility and fast-spreading action of this 1.8% Flux results in reliable production line soldering. 

TBS Solder is spec'd accordingly to Chris Dunkel aka RiSCyD, TBS's lead engineer. Easy to solder, plenty of flux to make sure it cures nice and looks professional.


  • Type: Leaded
  • Tin/Lead: 63/37
  • Flux: 1.8%
  • Diameter: 1.0mm
  • N.T: 15g


  • 1x TBS 100G 63/37 0.8MM Solder Wire Roll
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