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Radiomaster TX16S Mark II - MAX

Radiomaster TX16S Mark II - MAX

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Transmitter protocol

MAX Version, Mode 2

The Radiomaster TX16S is likely the most used Radio in FPV. Now there is this improved Mark II on the market.

Battery for Radiomaster TX16S MII not included. Needs to be purchased separately.

There is a confusing amount of options and versions available. Which TX16S should you get?

1st option: Gimbals - HALL or AG01?

hall vs ag01 gimbal on Radiomaster TX16S

The stock hall sensor gimbals in the TX16S M II radio are great and should be enough for most people. But if you want the best possible precision and smoothness like I do then you should buy the latest AG01 gimbals from Radiomaster. This makes the TX16S feel like a much more expensive radio. If you are still not sure what to buy, read the excellent article from Oscar about the HALL vs. AG01 gimbal comparison.

2nd option: Material - S16S (“standard” version) or S16S Max?

The Max version feature a carbon look face plate and CNC finished components and buttons for a higher end look and feel.

3rd option: Transmitter - ExpressLRS or 4in1?

If you have a lot of legacy receivers  like Spektrum, FrSky or similar, go with the 4in1. That protocol has limited range of maybe 2km. If you do not have any old receivers that must work with your transmitter, opt for the new and improved ELRS protocol, which is more powerful, has more range and reliability. Additional, it is open source and thus you do not pay for the brand. However, it is more complex to set it up than Spektrum, for example. If you want to learn more about ELRS, this video by JB is a solid beginners guide for ExpressLRS

Here are the tips for you to choose between 4in1 or ELRS by Oscar Liang:

"If you can’t decide between ELRS and 4in1, I’d probably go for the ELRS version. It’s going to be the major RC protocol in the near future as it’s so powerful and affordable, with a wide range of tiny and inexpensive ELRS receivers available.

One reason to get the 4in1 is if you only want to use other protocols such as Frsky D8/D16, but these are kind of obsolete and slowly phasing out. Or if you are buying an external ELRS module for the radio, then it also makes sense to get the 4in1 as you don’t want to have another ELRS module onboard doing nothing. An external ELRS module might have the advantage of higher maximum output power of up to 1W. But honestly the internal module’s 250mW is plenty for FPV pilots, giving you miles of range in ideal conditions. "

ExpressLRS is not for everyone. Read this article from Oscar on why you should get ELRS first before you buy.

4th option: Color Scheme - Black or red & black

Well that is just personal choice. Not all versions are available in all colors.

What is the difference between this TX16S Mark II and the previous TX 16S Mark I?

I only sell the TX16S Mk II, which has the following improvements over the previous Mk I:

  • Improved internal circuitry and optimized power supply
  • New charging circuitry with reverse-polarity protection
  • Optimized charge IC now allows up to 2.2A internal USB-C charge current
  • Rear mounted audio jack provides headphone output
  • V4.0 Gimbal improved centring and temperature stability (Same circuitry as AG01)
  • Optional high/low rear grips included for improved ergonomics
  • Improved S1/S2 knobs with much stronger center detents
  • Redesigned battery cover for improved battery access
  • Retooled body shell with improved fit and finish
  • Trainer socket changed to standard TRS 3.5mm socket
  • Available ELRS and 4in1 versions

More info

You may find more info on Radiomaster's website about the TX16S with Hall gimbals.

Is the battery included? 

The radio ships without battery, so you either have to get two 18650 batteries or one of the following options, both are fitting the battery bay of the Radiomaster TX16S MII:

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