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GEPRC MARK5 6S with Vista Freestyle FPV Drone TBS RX

GEPRC MARK5 6S with Vista Freestyle FPV Drone TBS RX

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This is the GEPRC Mark 5 in the 6S version with the DJI HD Vista, the original DJI camera and TBS Crossfire RX. 

PremiAir FPV remark

There is also a 4S battery version, and either a DJI AIR Unit or an analog version. However, I think the 6S version with the HD Vista is the best option. Here is why: The 6S battery version has the best flight characteristics because of its responsiveness and is where the market is headed. The DJI HD Vista is much lighter than the DJI AIR Unit (see pictures), which again gives you a better flight performance. This Mark 5 comes with the original DJI camera and is - in my personal opinion -  the best digital camera for FPV you can get.


Battery recommendation

1050mAh to 1550mAh 6S battery. I either recommend the 6S 1050mAh if you want more agility or the 1300mAh 6S for more flight time. The 1300mAh 6S is likely the sweet spot for most pilots. If you go for the 1550mAh 6S, you will get even more flight time but you will end up with a heavy quad, especially if you plan to fly with a GoPro.


More info on this GEPRC Mark 5 FPV quad on the manufacturer's website.

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