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EV-Peak E4 50W 4A AC Quick Charger for 2S-4S LiPos

EV-Peak E4 50W 4A AC Quick Charger for 2S-4S LiPos

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EV-Peak E4 50W 4A AC fast charger for 2S-4S LiPo batteries

The E4 is a compact, intelligent travel-sized battery charger with simple features. The charger can charge up to 50W (4A) via the included AC power cord (compatible for CH/EU). It also features LED charge level indicators that make charging cycles a breeze. Charge 2-4S LiPos with this simple and compact charger. It charges via the XH balance connector of a LiPo battery.


  • Brand Name: EV-PEAK
  • Model number: E4
  • LiPo battery cell count 2-4
  • Display 4x LED capacity indicator
  • Balance charging mode


  • simple, lightweight
  • built-in AC power supply
  • charges in balance mode
  • LEDs show battery capacity in percent


  • AC input voltage 100V-240V
  • Charging power 50W
  • Charging current 4.0A
  • Equalizing current 300mA
  • Number of LiPo battery cells 2-4 series
  • Dimension 98*98*36mm
  • Weight 278g


  • 1 x EV-Peak E4 50W 4A AC fast balance charger
  • 1 x AC power cable (with CH/EU plug)
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