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Auline 3300mAh 6S 45C Lipo Battery (XT60)

Auline 3300mAh 6S 45C Lipo Battery (XT60)

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About this product

Perfect for powering large 6S, long range, 7-inch FPV drones and optimized for distance - this Auline 3300mAh 6S Lithium polymer battery has impressive power to weight ratio and is designed for for ultra long range flight times.

These packs are a TRUE 45C not like those other packs that claim it. Try the punch out on them and you will not see sag.

I use these Auline batteries when flying the iFlight Chimera7 Pro and anything similar that requires a long range 6S LiPo battery pack.


  • Capacity: 3300mAh
  • Cells: 6S (6S1P)
  • Voltage: 22.2V
  • Connector: XT60
  • C-Rating: 45C
  • Charging: 1C - Max 2C
  • Weight: 432g
  • Brand: Auline
  • Recommended: 7" Long Range and light Freestyle FPV drones


  • 1 x Auline 3300mAh 6S 45C Lipo Battery - XT-60
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