About us

This is not an about us. This is an about me, because this FPV drone shop is operated by me (except for shipping). Why? Because I am not doing this for profit (trust me, the margin is small on FPV electronics), but rather because I enjoy doing it. I very much enjoy researching the very best FPV gear and testing the best equipment as long as it's brand new. After doing my extensive research for hours and days, I am importing the drones and equipment directly from the manufacturers. I will initially only offer a very small quantity and once I was able to use the gear myself, I will ramp up the quantities. This allows me to only offer the very best gear available so that you don't have to do the research yourself.

With my store shipping to you directly from Switzerland, your benefit is that you do not have to wait until the drones are manufactured, assembled and shipped from China or the US to Switzerland. You also don't have to pay for the import duties and very high shipping fees. My benefit on the other hand is that I can do what I like to do most, researching, flying and testing. Plus, I get my costs covered for running this business. This is why I am operating this shop and it allows you to do what you should do most: Go out there and fly.

Hi, I am Sascha aka Zwyser
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Why should you trust me? A small fish compared to other retailers like getfpv.com, Banggood.com, ReadyMadeRC.com, etc. Because I am doing this for more than 14 years as you can see on Ricardo, where I have sold more than 1,600 FPV products (besides the products sold on my website) and have 100% positive ratings with close to 1,000 ratings since 2008. Compare this with other retailers and see for yourself if any one else has achieved that.
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