New Walksnail firmware 21.22.5 is MUCH BETTER than before

New Walksnail firmware 21.22.5 is MUCH BETTER than before

Walk Snail have released a new firmware for their Walk Snail Avatar HD Goggles and the Fat Shark Dominator HD Goggles that they say gets rid of the blurring smearing foggy hazy problems that was experienced in the first review videos.

Let's go ahead and look at the performance of the Walksnail and Fat Shark HD system and does it look better?

By the way, we recommend two omni and two directional patch antennas like the Lumenier AXII.

First, there is a discrepancy between what the Goggle feed (HDMI output) and subtitle file recorded by the Goggles/DVR shows in regards to the link quality in Mbps. Likely what the pilot sees in the goggles is not correct (bug?). The pilot probably sees a higher bit rate than the link is actually experiencing and there might be a bug.

 The issue with the performance are that kind of checkerboard zebra stripes in the trees in blurry areas.

The image quality with the new firmware though looks significantly better.  It is now definitively flyable. It is still not perfect but significantly better compared to the release video.

There are still some stuttering issues with the 700mW power level being more stable and the 1200mW version having more issues with stuttering.

The system with the current firmware is now to be considered a usable flyable system with a some room for improvement in terms of the stuttering.

Why was it not like this on day one? I am always confused how people release a product with unstable firmware but it must have just been a bug that they missed because I don't know why they would have released it with it looking the way that it did but this firmware is a big improvement and definitely has my seal of approval.

Before I would have said "I would not buy it" but now it has crossed over into this seems like a usable system that could be competitive with pros and cons versus other systems. And hey, it's still day one basically and they will continue working on the firmware so it will only get better from here.

Watch the video below to see the new video quality of the system.   

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