DJI Leaks: New Avata CineWhoop drone in the making?

DJI Leaks: New Avata CineWhoop drone in the making?

DJI Avata: New CineWhoop drone in the making?

In the coming time, we can expect more and more new DJI products - recently, not only camera drones like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, but also new gimbal systems like the DJI RS 3 and DJI RS 3 Pro were in the focus of DJI's new launches in 2022. New rumors surrounding the drone market leader now lead us to speculate that DJI may also enter the field of CineWhoop drones. According to the rumor mill, the name of this small mini FPV drone with camera has already been decided: DJI Avata is the name of the new mini FPV drone. Of course, there is also supposed to be a new FPV video goggle, which DJI could introduce together with the DJI Avata CineWhoop drone as early as July 2022.

DJI Avata

Under the name DJI Avata, there should be a new DJI drone in the near future, which is designed as a so-called CineWhoop drone and in this respect as a particularly agile FPV drone in mini format to the start. Compared to a classic FPV drone, DJI's CineWhoop is said to be particularly suitable for cinematic aerial photography. First leaks on the short message service Twitter already give a preview of how such a mini FPV drone from the drone market leader DJI could look like.

There is no detailed information about the technical specifications of the DJI Avata, which could also just be the development name of the new mini-drone. It is conceivable that DJI could also integrate already known technologies in the new CineWhoop drone. This includes not only the camera and image stabilization, but also the in-house signal transmission systems like DJI OcuSync and Co.



New DJI FPV Goggles for DJI Avata?

At the same time as the DJI Avata, DJI will most likely also introduce a new FPV video goggle. An update of the DJI Goggles is long overdue anyway - new features and more stable transmission systems are not only desirable, but also very likely. A lighter weight and smaller form factor is also conceivable. What the new DJI Goggles or DJI FPV video goggles will cost and what the technical data will reveal is currently still completely unclear. It is also unclear what the DJI Avata or the new DJI FPV Goggles will cost. The price of the DJI Avata could possibly be between CHF 500 and 1,000 - the mini FPV drone will most likely not be more expensive.

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